Lieutenant Colonel SLCMP (Retd)
Director / Chief Executive Officer

MBA in HRM & Marketing (Malaysia), MSc in Supply Chain Mgmt (Malaysia),
BA (KDU-SL), Dip in Logistics (ASL-Pak), Dip in IHL (IIHR-Italy), CCHRM (IPM-SL), Dip in HR (IHR-SL), Dip In Mat Mgmt (AIOU-Pak), Dip in Fin Mgmt (IBA-Pak), Dip in SCM Professionals (BOU-U.A.E.), Dip in IT (Institute of Chartered Accountants of SL),Specialist in Provost (Bangladesh)

T.P. Office: +94 41 2222 964
Mobile: +94 71 8387727, +94 777 305818
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Message from the Chief Executive Officer/Director

It gives me a great pleasure in joining hands with set of intellectuals and professionals in the country in order to discharge my duties as per the Vision and the Mission of University College, Matara. I take this as an opportunity to laud the Vice Chancellor and the Director General of University of Vocational Technology for their untiring guidance and advice in performing my duties with utmost dedication and commitment.

It is a good sign that the University College has been steadily developing in all fronts year after year. Thereby, we need to pave the way for the younger generation to revamp with confidence and courage to take the challenge in forming new ventures. The youths with their knowledge and skills to serve the society to reach the higher level of socio-economic development of Sri Lanka are invited to join hands with our journey. The University College utilizes its limited resources efficiently and effectively to transform the talents and capabilities of these brilliant youth of the country making them creative & innovative professional individuals. This creates many opportunities for our students to become competitive players on a global platform empowering them the use of their critical thinking, knowledge and skills acquired through dedication and hard work. In line with our strategic goals, the University College has taken all its efforts to produce highly qualified individuals with relevant knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the world of work.

The designed courses and curricular (09 Courses in NVQ Level 05 & 06) are focused on high demand among both the state sector and private sector employers. The University College has been able to set and maintain high standards of teaching and learning, which in turn has provided a solid foundation to exceed the expectations of the industry and achieve excellence. We all are engaged in gathering more completed and pragmatic knowledge by studying society and technology together while addressing the niche market.

Apparently, there are some diabolical issues to be resolved where we need to revamp and rekindle inconsistent areas. And, I am confident that the academic staff, non-academic staff and also the students will assert their maximum effort to thrive the University College Matara to the highest level in the country.