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03 Years - Full time


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University College of Matara (UCM) offers Higher National Diploma in Automobile Technology  at National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Levels 5 and 6 with the duration of 3 years. The program of study consists of Foundation course, NVQ levels 5, 6 and on the job training (OJT) of 6 months on each NVQ levels.

NVQ Level 6 Higher National Diploma in Automobile Technology

Foundation Course

1.Ocupational safety and health DM01

2.Basic Engineering Drawing DM 02

3.Basic Workshop Practice DM03

4.Basic Automobile Mechanic DM09

5.Basic Electronic Practice DM10

6.Automobile Electrician G50S002


8.ICT information Technology ICT

9.Chemistry for Technology FS 30

10.Math for Technology FS11

11.Physics for Technology FS 21


NVQ Level 5


Technical Modules

  1. Occupational Health and workshop safety Procedures G50C001M01 and Practices
  2. Automobile repair /service workshop G50C001M02
  3. Engineering Drawing G50C001M03
  4. Applied Electricity G50C001M04
  5. Applied Electronics G50C001M05
  6. Engineering Materials G50C001M06
  7. Hydraulics G50C001M07
  8. Theory of Machines G50C001M08

Employability Modules

  1. Manage Workplace Information EMPM 01
  2. Manage Workplace Communication EMPM 02



Technical Modules

  1. Pneumatics G50C001M09
  2. Automobile Engines G50C001M10
  3. Automobile Engine Systems G50C001M11
  4. Automobile Electrical and Electronic Equipment G50C001M12 and Systems
  5. Automobile Drive Chain G50C001M13
  6. Emission Control, Engine Performance and Drivability G50C001M14
  7. Automobile chassis and Allied Systems G50C001M15
  8. Automobile Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning G50C001M16 systems
  9. Identify and assess defects and damages to G50C001M22 Automobile bodies chassis & finishes

Employability Modules

  1. Plan work to be performed at workplace EMPM03


NVQ Level 6


Technical Modules

  1. Estimate preparation for repairs/services G50C001M17
  2. Vehicle body and Body Finishes G50C001M18
  3. Plan and Assign Jobs G50C001M19
  4. Supervise work in-progress G50C001M20
  5. Perform General Administrative functions of the Workshop G50C001M21

Employability Modules

  1. Problem Solving and decision making EMPM 04
  2. Team work and Leadership EMPM 05



Technical Modules

  1. Automobile Advance Electrical and Electronic Equipment G50C001M23 and Systems
  1. Manage Vehicle Handing over Activities G50C001M24
  2. Provide Technical workshopInformation/Specifications to G50C001M25 staff andother Departments
  1. Modify/Alter Vehicle/Vehicle Components G50C001M26
  2. Manage Assembly Lines/Production line G50C001M27
  3. Collect, process data and analyze information G50C001M28

Employability Modules

  1. Creation and maintenance of a Learning Culture. EMPM06

Career Path

UCM offers NVQ Level 6 in Automobile Technology aiming towards the B.Tec in Mechatronics Technology / Manufacturing Technology degree offered by the University of Vocational Technology (UoVT) and producing middle level technical personnel and supervisory level personnel in the field of Automobile Technology .

Entry Qualifications:

NVQ Level 4 Certificate in NVQ Level 4 in any Automotive Course

G.C.E. (A/L)

Pass in Science (Math) or Technology Stream

Age Limit : Below 29 Years