Event Management


03 Years - Full Time


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Event Management is the co-ordination, running and planning of all the people, teams and features that come together to create every kind of event.

Event Managers are responsible for the design, organization and coordination of conventions, festivals, conferences, corporate meetings, exhibitions, weddings, product lunches and any occasion that requires someone in complete control to make the event success.

The event management qualification which is offered by University College of Matara give the opportunity to develop the students’ skills and work on exciting large scale projects where they work with a team to pull the creative vision together.

Event Management course can open doors to many different careers, such as Event Planner, Event Coordinator, Wedding planner, Tourist Event Coordinator, Sports Event Coordinator etc.

NVQ Level 6 Higher National Diploma in Event Management


Foundation Course

Students will be able to learn some basic theories of

  • Occupational Safety & Health- DM 01
  • Basic Engineering Drawings- DM 02
  • Basic Workshop Practices- DM 03
  • Basic Electrical Practices- DM 07
  • Computer Application Assistant

Furthermore in every semester they will have a chance to learn English Language.

Semester I


Learning Outcomes

Fundamentals of Event Management
  • Describe MICE
  • Describe basics of Event Management
  • Decide size, type and theme of the event
  • Understand event concepts and designing
  • Understand event feasibility
Event Goals, Objectives and Strategies
  • Develop mission, goals and objectives for an event
  • Develop Strategies
  • Develop financial plan
  • Identify Environmental Responsibilities
  • Apply SWOT Analysis
Event Planning Process
  • Design Action plan
  • Understand Activity Sequence Plan
  • Set standards, policies and procedures
  • Select theme for the event
  • Prepare procurement plan
  • Design Evaluation Procedure
  • Use planning tools & software
  • Plan Food & Beverage Supplies
  • Plan Key Performance Index
Manage Implementation Process of the Event
  • Manage operation & administration of event
  • Evaluate operations of event
  • Conduct performance evaluation meeting/ briefing
  • Implement the contingency plans
  • Implement and coordinate Food Beverage for an Event
  • Understand HACCP
  • Coordinate with stake holders
Business Organization & Management
  • Understand theories of Management
  • Understand group decision making
  • Understand individual decision making
  • Understand theories of motivation
  • Understand managing team
  • Understand organizational characteristics & behavior
  • Understand decision making theories & techniques
  • Understand Change Management
IT & Managing Information
  • Use computers & pheriparals
  • Use relevant software for events
  • Use software in graphics & drafting
  • Draw site layouts & decoration sketches using software
  • Identify information to be managed

Semester II


Learning Outcomes

ICT for Event Management
  • Understand the basic functions of a computer as a human- machine interacting system
  • The relationship between the computers- human interface
  • Operating language of individual packages and their functions
  • Identify parts of computer units and make them operational condition
  • Describe Diagnose simple faults on a computer and rectify them diagnose simple faults on a computer and rectify them
  • Perform relevant software & applications
Occupational Health & Safety Procedures & Practice
  • Regulations of OHS
  • Follow safe working practices/ Environmental practices
  • Report Workplace hazards & accidents to relevant authorities
  • Follow emergency procedures
English for Event Management
  • Enhance & Develop the necessary language skills
  • Know the nature of the language, Understand Industry related jargon
  • Understand the basic rules of grammar and spelling
  • Understanding the essentials in paragraphing
  • Improve the communication skills
  • Improve Writing Skills
  • Apply Report writing skills
  • Apply Presentation skills
  • Develop Interpersonal Communication Skills
Event Leadership & Communication
  • Understand the importance of displaying of professional conduct, appearance and being a role model.
  • Organize, conduct & manage event Briefing/ meetings
  • Demonstrate the leadership qualities
  • Describe ethical behavior
  • Apply time management
  • Describes stress management
  • Ability to solve problems & make decisions for event management
  • Awareness of trends and knowledge in the event industry
Event Concept & Designing
  • Identify the types of the event
  • Select event concept
  • Select event theme
  • Design the event as per concept
  • Identify event functions
  • Identify event supporting services

On the Job Training (OJT) - 06 Months

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Semester III


Learning Outcomes

Marketing Management
  • Understand basic concepts of Marketing
  • Understand modern Marketing
  • Understand customer relationship
  • Understand market segmentation
  • Understand marketing strategies
  • Describe E commerce  & E marketing
  • Describe Research & Tracer studies for marketing
  • Conduct marketing research & surveying
Marketing Planning for events
  • Access market information
  • Understand target market
  • Implement marketing plan
  • Use marketing medium (Methods/ channels, Media)
  • Describe promote event
  • Collect and analyze event related data/ information
  • Manage & control Marketing budget
Understand promotion & Public relations
  • Understand event promotion
  • Prepare advertising plan
  • Prepare publicity plan
  • Explain promotional method for different events
Human Resource Management
  • Define HRM
  • Understand HRM Planning
  • Describe recruitment methods & techniques
  • Describe training & development methods
  • Describe managing grievances
  • Describe basic labor laws related to HR
  • Describe incentives for HR
  • Describe Compensation Management
  • Develop Performance appraisal
  • Understand welfare & benefits
Organize team for an event
  • Plan team composition and requirement for an event
  • Selection of individuals for a team
  • Identify training needs & Organize program
  • Monitor performance of the event team based on plan
  • Evaluate staff performance
Event Leadership & Communication II
  • Perform Verbal, Written communication
  • Perform non-verbal communication
  • Identify & use Communication media
  • Apply presentation techniques and execute the presentation
  • Build & enhance business relationships (Business network , Rapport, inter personal relationship)

Semester IV


Learning Outcomes

Managing Event Risk & Security
  • Understand risk & Importance of risk management
  • Risk analyzing
  • Develop risk profile & contingency plan
  • Risk control implementation
  • Legal & regulation requirements
  • Health & safety requirements
  • Identify Security requirements
  • Understand basics of disaster management
  • Understand relevant insurance policies & compensation
Basic Event Accounting & Finance
  • Prepare budget
  • Describe breakeven point
  • Analyze cash flow
  • Prepare balance sheet
  • Prepare profit & loss statement
  • Identify event sponsoring
  • Describe event contract
  • Describe cash handling procedure
Event Proposals
  • Understand production elements
  • Develop Event installations
  • Identify technical direction
  • Plan Crowd Management
  • Understand Accommodation & transportation requirements
  • Understand the proposal format & procedure
  • Develop & design site selected or to be selected & set up
Entrepreneurship Development
  • Understand the basic concept to entrepreneurship
  • Understand the historical perspective of entrepreneurship development
  • Know how to plan a business enterprise/project
  • Know how to prepare & operate cash flow on spreadsheets
  • Understand Employment issues
  • Comprehend the nature of contract & tort
  • Understand Agency & Partnership
  • Understand the resources Management
  • Understand Business registration & license procedures
  • Understand national & local government procedures
Quality Management for Events Management
  • Comply to Quality Management Systems
  • Describe how to improve quality Environment for events
  • Formations of quality cycles
  • How to conduct internal audits, management review meetings & certification audits
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvements
  • Propose improvements of productivity of events
  • Manage document controls related to quality
  • Understand ISO 9001 2008 & 9001 14000 standards
  • Understand Management responsibilities of the organization
  • Apply report writing skills
  • Apply presentation skills
  • Apply interpersonal Communication skills
  •  Propose & Implement corrective & preventive actions
  • Monitor continual improvements

On the Job Training (OJT) - 03 Months

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In addition to the main course modules students are trained for some employability modules as follows,

  1. Workplace Information Management
  2. Workplace Communication Management
  3. Planning work to be performed at workplace
  4. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  5. Teamwork & Leadership
  6. Creation & Maintenance of a learning culture

Expected Training Areas for Event Management

  • Event Designing, Planning & Executing
  • Meetings & Conferences
    • Incentive Travels
    • Exhibitions
    • Marketing & Promotions
    • Product launches etc.
  • Documents handling & Administration
  • Financial Management

Entry Qualifications :

G.C.E. (A/L)

Science, Arts, Commerce, Technology stream – 3 Passes


NVQ Level 04 (Event Operations , Secretary)

Age Limit : Below 29 Years