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University College of Matara (UCM) offers Higher National Diploma in Cosmetology at National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Levels 6 with a duration of 3 years. The program of study consists of Foundation course, NVQ levels 5, Six months of the job training (OJT) NVQ Level 6, and three months on the job training (OJT) continuing to the industrial placement.


Cosmetology is a field of scientific knowledge that specializes in the aesthetic problems of people, their reasons, symptoms, and methods of fight against them. The Higher National Diploma in cosmetology deduces the reason for skin defects and aids in their removal. Cosmetic science is the study of the effects that raw materials and mixtures can have on parts of the human body like hair, skin, lips, and nails. In recent years, cosmetic scientists and associated workers have been trying to advance the field in a positive way.

The profession of cosmetologists consists of the removal of aesthetic defects on the skin without damage to the subcutaneous layer. Cosmetologists conduct simple procedures set for the removal of shallow defects of skin, being not medical, but aesthetic nature. Training specialists in this industry take training courses in cosmetology every year.

As a leading government higher educational institute in Sri Lanka We, the University College of Matara is aiming to produce Higher National Diplomats for the country’s requirements through timely innovations and developments.


Full Time


May to June in every year


3 years

The foundation course has two parts. Those who make direct entry from A/L examination into Higher National Diploma will have to follow most of the NVQ Level 4 course modules on Beautician and Hairdresser during the foundation course.

Those who enter after completion of NVQ Level 4 qualifications in Cosmetology will have to follow basic mathematics, English, biology, etc. during the foundation course.

During 6 months of period as a bridging course we are offering following subjects to the students.

  • DM 01 – Occupational Health and Safety
  • DM 02 – Basic Engineering Drawings
  • FS 30- Chemistry for technology
  • FS 40- Biology for technology
  • FS 11-Mathematics for technology
  • FS 21-Physics for technology –I
  • 093S001-Beautician
  • 093S002-Hairdresser
  • English


Learning Outcomes

O93C001M01 – Introduction to Professional Cosmetology and Ethics • Historical overview of cosmetology
• Image and personality in the profession
• Understanding of professional ethics
• Fundamentals of Biology of Skin, hair, and nail
• Microbiology and bacteriology related to cosmetology
O93C001M02 – Health, Safety and First Aid in Cosmetology Services • Health, safety and Welfare facilities aspects related to Cosmetology services • Safety precautions to be adhered while performing the Cosmetology services
• First Aid activities when necessary while performing the Cosmetology services
• Good housekeeping practices
O93C001M03 – Limitations of Cosmetologist with Respect to Skin, Hair and Nail Disorders to be Attended • Understand the basics of skin, hair and nail biology
• Identify the skin, hair and nail diseases
• Demarcate the portfolio of cosmetologist
• Understand the Medical profession and its different specialties
F45C004M04 – Engineering Physics • Demonstrate Knowledge of measurements, units and dimensions, vectors and motion in two dimensions.
• Demonstrate Knowledge of various type linear and circular motion and gravity and gravitational motion.
• Demonstrate Knowledge of energy and momentum and moment of inertia and angular momentum.
• Demonstrate Knowledge of pressure, fluid pressure and fluid Dynamics.
• Demonstrate Knowledge of mechanical waves and wave motion.
• Demonstrate Knowledge of heat and lows of thermodynamics.
O93C001M04 – Nutrition, Diet and Exercise-Related to Cosmetology • Nutritional requirements of the body
• Healthy food habits
• Types of exercises and their impacts
• Nutritional disorders
• Body- Mass Index (BMI)
O93C001M05 – Cosmetics Products for Skin, Nail and Hair Services • Recommend products for skin care / make-up
• Recommend products for hair care
• Recommend products for nail care
• Recommend products for chemical services
• Recommend safe use of products
• Perform market search and availability – local and international
• Understand Basics of cosmetic science
• Understand Basics of chemistry
O93C001M06 – Advance Skin Care • perform Acne treatment
• perform Pigmentation treatment
•perform Non-surgical face lift treatment
• perform Hydrating treatment
• perform Skin lightening treatment, with use of relevant machines, implements and tools
• Recommend Skin care products
EMTM01 – Workplace Information Management • Explain the importance of ICT tools in promoting the productivity of the organization
• Describes the purpose of establishing ICT tools and strategies in enhancing the performance at workplace
• Apply Information skills to enhance the productivity of the organization
EMTM02 – Workplace Communication Management • Identify the essential components of an efficient communication system
• Identify and overcome barriers to effective communication
• Use all channels of communication equally well
• Use common computer applications to collect, analyze and maintain essential data and information required to perform and enhance day to day activities of the organization
• Contributes to the overall growth and productivity development of the organization


Learning Outcomes

O93C001M07 – Advance Hair Treatments and Advance Hair Dressing
  • Different types of hair care treatment
  • Different types of hair styling services
  • Good understanding of chemical services
  • Hair care products / chemicals
O93C001M08 – Customer Care, Market Promotions and Interpersonal Relations in the Salon
  • Customer care techniques
  • Handling customer complains
  • Special service needs
  • Payment terms
  • Advertising and promotional activities
  • Competitor analysis
  • · Interpersonal relationship
O93C001M09- Advance Hand Care and Foot care
  • Consultation with client
  • Special conditions hand care techniques
  • Foot care techniques
  • Special nail treatments
  • Nail art
  • Hand, foot and nail care products / chemicals
O93C001M10 – Regulatory Requirements for Hair & Beauty Industry
  • Identify applicable government regulations for hair and beauty industry
  • Identify respective government authorities
  • Identify mechanisms to comply with respective government regulations
  • Adhere applicable regulations in salons
O93C001M11 – Infrastructure and Equipment Maintenance
  • Basic maintenance of infrastructure
  • Maintenance of equipment, tools and implements
  • Purchase of consumables
EMTM03 – Planning and Scheduling Work at Workplace
  • Plan and schedule work to be performed at workplace
  • Assign work to workers based on assessment of competencies / work capacities of individual workers/working team
  • Predict likely problems / probable changes that would come up in implementation of planned schedule

After completion of NVQ Level 5, students are sent to various workplaces of their choice, depending on the availability of placement, to gain experience while engaged in work. This paves the way for students to apply their developed skills and acquired knowledge to actual work in a real work environment beyond the laboratory while facilitating them to learn further skills required by specific jobs.

On the job period planned to enhance students’ theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge in the industry will continuing to the industrial job placement with three months OJT period. in cosmetology fields such as, well functional dermatology units of the hospitals, Ayurvedic treatment centers, Cosmetics products manufacturing companies, Cosmetics research centers are mainly targeting for enhancing on the job training for cosmetology higher national diplomats.


Learning Outcomes

O93C001M12 – Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy
  • Understand the basic concepts of Ayurveda
  • Identify the abyanga (techniques of using herbal oil)
  • Dietary advices according to Ayurveda concepts
  • Yoga and well being
  • Ayurvedic Hair care / Ayurvedic skin care/ Ayurvedic nail care and Ayurvedic facial care
  •  Ayurvedic regulatory requirements
O93C001M13 – Anatomy and Physiology of Skin, Hair and Nails
  • The biology of the human skin
  • The biology of the human nail
  • The biology of the human hair
  •  Functions of main systems of the body
O93C001M14 – Advanced Makeup
  • Procedure for camouflage makeup
  • Procedure for airbrush makeup
  • Procedure for TV makeup
  • Procedure for photographic makeup · Procedure for Film / theatre makeup · Procedure for body painting
  • Procedure for makeup of special effects
  • Procedure for High fashion makeup
  • Colour theory
  • Painting and Art techniques
O93C001M15 – Staff Training and Development
  • Define training objectives to improve overall performance of the employees · Indentify performance gaps and training needs of the employees
  • Develop a training plan
  • Conduct training
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training
EMTM04 – Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Analyze a situation and accurately identify a problem
  • Assess the impact of a problem
  • Apply systematic procedure and process of solving a problem
  • Follow a standard approach to foresee likely problems
  • Follow an acceptable decision making process
EMTM05 – Teamwork and Leadership
  • Define objectives and functions of teams to develop team plans towards achieving corporate goals of the organization
  • Identify the important aspects of motivating individuals/teams and enhancing co-operation and commitment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of analyzing ideas and information through discussion and making informed decisions.
  • Manage and develop team performance by applying appropriate techniques and methods
  • Apply understanding of roles of team leadership and membership to build trust and confidence
  • Encourage members in the team to take initiative and make innovations

NVQ 6-Semester 2 offers some elective modules as well, in addition to compulsory modules.


Learning Outcomes

O93C001M16 – Organize Competition and Shows
  • Theme selection
  • Identification of resources for the events
  • Budgeting and sourcing funds for the events
  • The selection of items for the events · Event planning and creating designs · Organizing meetings
  • Identification of models and coordinate for the show /competition
  • Event management
  • Feedback of events
O93C001M17 – Marketing of Cosmetology Services
  • Conduct a market survey
  • Evaluate customer needs and Identify target markets
  • Define marketing and promotional objectives
  • Develop and Implement marketing and promotional plan
  • Conduct post surveillance audit on effectiveness
O93C001M18 – Entrepreneurship in Cosmetology •The requirements needed to establish a salon his/her own. After successful acquiring the knowledge of this module he/she is competent to develop a business plan and executing of same ensuring the sustainability.
EMTM06 – Creating & Maintaining a Learning Culture at the Workplace •Inform management about training requirements of workers
•Arrange /Conduct training programmes
•Demonstrate the use of new equipment and methods

Elective Modules



Learning Outcomes

O93C001M18 – Advance Nail Technology •Practice nail technology
O93C001M19 – Nail Artistry •Perform nail artistry professionally
O93C001M20 – Operations and Maintenance of Electrical Machines used in Skin Care •Operate and maintenance of skin analyzing machine, dermabration machine, ultra sound machine, wart removal machine, vacuum suction machine
O93C001M21 – CAdvance Skin Technology •Perform skin treatments using advanced techniques while ensuring the safety and health of the client
O93C001M22 – Chemical services on Hair
  • Demonstrate product knowledge of advance permanent wave and creative hair colour services
  • Perform Advanced permanent wave
  • Perform Creative hair colour services
  • Post care services
O93C001M23 – Hair Artistry and Fantasy Hair Styles •Perform Hair artistry creations in fantasy hair styles

Entry Qualifications :

G.C.E. (A/L) passes qualification in areas of Bio system Technology, Bio Science, Mathematics, Commerce or Arts stream




NVQ Level 04 Qualification Levels in Hairdresser or Beautician


Age Limit : Below 29 Years

Job Opportunity

University College opens avenues for employment for supervisory and middle level managerial positions in the industry and UCM offers NVQ Level 6 Higher National Diploma in Cosmetology (HND in CBC). After successfully completing the course students can enter to the industry as Professional  Cosmetologists, Managers, Instructors for VTAs COTs(for the vacancies called for NVQ Level 5 or 6 qualifications).

With the experience and performance they can promote to the top level of the management hierarchy. And also they can continue their higher studies aiming towards the relevant Bachelor of Technology Degree (B.Tec) programs (NVQ Level 7) conducting at the University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC).

NVQ Level 5 and Level 6 Qualifications will be valuable qualifications for those who are interested to migrate as well.


Most of the Job opportunities can be obtained in following areas as a HND Holder in Cosmetology field;

  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  • Research and Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Entrepreneurship